Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Monitor and prevent the outflow of critical information across your corporate network with DataWave’s data security solutions. Our data loss prevention platform includes Monitor, Protect and Discover, solutions which secure data across an organisation’s entire network – from individual computers to the network perimeter.

  • Monitor: analyses internet-based communication and attachments policy and compliance violations. Content detection and predefined risk categories allow instant identification, capture and control of insider threats
  • Protect: prevents unauthorised data loss through outward flowing information. Protect E-mail automatically encrypts, blocks, or quarantines e-mails and attachments violating compliance and corporate policies. Protect Web automatically blocks HTTP, HTTPS and FTP traffic violating corporate and compliance policies
  • Discover: investigates data-at-rest to uncover latent data security violations in laptops, desktops, and file servers. Predefined risk categories are used to identify and capture corporate and policy compliance violations, as well as intellectual property theft



Benefits of DLP

  • Protects customer records and confidential information
  • Ensures regulatory compliance, e.g. adherence to  Acts like the Protection of Credit Information (PCI) and Protection of Personal Information (POPI)
  • Circumvents unauthorised access to intellectual property
  • Manages insider risk of leaking confidential information and hacking


DataWave offers the data loss prevention (DLP) component in partnership with Trustwave.

Trustwave Data Loss Prevention

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