StrengthsMapper is a business intelligence innovation that combines data and the power of positive psychology to significantly improve the efficiency of HR and recruitment processes. Using StrengthsMapper Analytics, HR and Recruitment managers can easily profile the key talents and strengths required for specific responsibility areas. At the same time, managers are empowered to evaluate individual candidates’ strengths and talents to determine their suitability for specific roles.

StrenghtsMapper Implementation Process

  1. Mapping critical talents to roles  and KRAs (Alignment Assessor)
  2. Assess individual strengths to identify top 5 talents
  3. Input data into the Data Processing Portal to configure StrengthsMapper Analytics


StrengthsMapper Applications

  • Recruit-Assist – profiles candidates to determine fit to role. Click here to view a sample Recruit-Assist profile


  • Team-Assist – combine team talent profiles with performance analyses to identify team strengths and resolve weakness to view a sample Team-Assist profile


  • CareerPath-Assist – proactively manage career pathing and succession planning by assessing staff profiles to determine the “talent-to-role” fit. Click here to view a sample CareerPath-Assist profile
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